I’m having a day. The day I wake up and don’t wanna. I feel resistance in my blood. Resistance to being authentically me in the day before me. Resistance to speak up with my ideas, concerns, and worries with my team. Resistance that manifests in my tight neck, sore feet (from grasping the floor so hard). You know that day?

Clearly I need to shift into this day with more openness, willingness, and contribution. That starts with breath work. Three slow cleansing breaths that go all the way to my belly button. Next I set an intention for myself for this day. Most often that is being present, and being me.  And finally I remind myself of the purpose of this meeting. Purpose of this day. Because when I’m reallllly ready to shift mindset, knowing purpose is critical.

That’s my day. Now think about yours. Your difficult employee who needs a mindset shift. Your team that has a big change in their world.  Start by identifying purpose. What is their benefit for adopting the change? Not your benefit. Theirs. Now communicate that purpose to them, with empathy (understanding for them).

You can’t get it wrong. Give it a try. And now I’m off to my new day – authentically focused on being present, and recognizing my resistance throughout the day.

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About Judy Hissong

Judy Hissong is the President of Nesso Strategies. A former law firm Chief Operating Officer, she helps firms become more profitable by developing leaders. Her mission is “world domination for Good.” By creating actionable, lightbulb moments that leaders want to share and spread, she intends to improve the world one person at a time.

Judy Hissong