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A Shift in the Financial Landscape

Steve was recently a panelist in the ABA’s Law Practice Today, on the very important topic of the financial landscape in law firms. Read more about what he has to say about service value, the evolution of pricing, and process improvement in ‘A Shift in the Financial Landscape for Law Firms’.

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Podcast: Leadership and Communication

Exceptional leadership in law firms isn’t about knowing the law or being a good lawyer.  Exceptional leadership begins with self-awareness of motivations and behaviors and the ability to build strong relationships, understand perspectives, and shape and influence direction. Communication is the common leadership thread that ties these facets, and drives service and bottom-line results, particularly [...]

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Are You a Savvy Leader?

Most law firms are paradoxical organizations with internal competing values, and contradictory ways of organizing, addressing issues, and behaving. These contradictions are rooted in the individual motivations, values and biases grounded in each attorney or staff member, and often inhibit the ability to develop a “one” firm outlook, versus multiple individual viewpoints. In turn, leaders [...]

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