Recently I was reading yet another article on the various ways and means to bring people back into shared space. Well, actually that’s my phrase, these articles keep referring to it as return to office. I suggest that most folks have created an office at home, so they don’t need to return to one, they already have one. I recognize that this is a word choice, and words matter. This Forbes article talks about 4 pillars for successful hybrid team performance: Data, Communication, Policy, and Training. Data and Policy are the easier two, aren’t they? In fact, you probably already locked down your cyber security a year or more ago, and put in place policies that govern work day and location. Training opportunities are important to consider all the soft skills that people don’t have when they are isolated in their home office. Communication is the number one skill that employees feel their managers lack, so make this a cornerstone of your return to shared space initiative. Build your conversations around the hybrid future, and plan for more communication that is focused on the receiver, not the writer/speaker.

And, if you want to dig deeper into soft skills with a group of your peers, join our Mastermind Group. The first topic is Communication + Connection.

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