Make Every Meeting Count

Remember the last meeting you were in that was so awesome you left feeling a strong validation of your time? Did you wonder what the difference was that made such an impact? In this session, we’ll focus on the elements of a highly successful meeting and the role you play as a participant and a leader.

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During this class, you’ll learn:

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To understand how to prepare participants for productive meetings

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To clarify who belongs in a meeting

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To review the agenda-setting process

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To discuss how meetings are your competitive advantage


Meaningful Meetings: team talking at a conference table

Meaningful Meetings

  • Wednesday, September 14 at 9AM PT
  • (1) 75 minute session
  • Live-stream class via Zoom
  • Investment: $149

About Your Instructor

Judy Hissong, CLM

President, Nesso Strategies | Founder, Legal Leadership Institute

Judy understands teams. And she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, finance, and legal management to help law firms improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits.

Judy Hissong

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