Leadership development continues to garner attention as fundamental to the success of law firms in an increasingly competitive market. The Legal Leadership Institute, in partnership with the Association of Legal Administrators, tackled the issue in the first-of-its-kind, 1 ½ day Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum program in Orlando. Attorneys and legal managers from firms across North America participated in the interactive program as they examined leadership challenges in their firms.

The highly successful Forum focused on the components of leadership and utilized case studies inherent in current law firm challenges. Through a progressive approach that built a legal leadership model, participants defined leadership and applied it to real firm scenarios through their perspectives as law firm leaders.

Exploring their individual personal strengths provided the foundation for attendees to examine required strengths for partnerships, practice groups, administrative teams, and ad hoc committees. Application of the concepts to change management and strategic planning allowed the forum members to apply their newly acquire knowledge and skills to challenges faced in all firms.

The interactive learning format, grounded in self-awareness, leadership concepts, and practical application, provided a new and unique approach for the development of law firm leaders.

Attendees Noted:

“The skills taught, together with the willingness of the participants to share their issues and our collective thoughts with how to solve them, was absolutely priceless. I highly recommend this program to all managing partners and administrators.”

– Todd Braggins, Ernstrom & Dreste

“This shared experience with my managing partner resulted in a greater alignment of the tasks/activities that are important for our firm. We now have a plan on how to proceed.”

– Vicki Hughes, Alexander Dubose Jefferson & Townsend LLP

“The institute was an excellent kick in the butt to actually take the steps that we’ve been reluctant to discuss.”

-Benjamin Stevenson, Threlkeld and Associates

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Judy Hissong
Judy Hissong, CLM, is the President of Nesso Strategies. Nesso is the Italian word for connection, and her company is built on the passion of human potential and bottom line improvement. She writes, speaks, trains, and coaches on leadership, wellness, workplace engagement, and communication and conflict skills. Find her on twitter @judyhissong; email judy@nessostrategies.com; phone 619.546.7885; and join her LinkedIn Group “Engaging Legal Leaders” for more conversation about leadership in law firms.