John Maxwell talks about leaders by asking,  “Are you having an ice cube or an ice berg thought?”

I wonder how conscious we are, as leaders, of being caught in the current of moment to moment decision making, when we leave the bigger picture (thought) to another day, and then another day, and so on.  Yes, there are many responsibilities tugging at you, law firms are known for long days and hard work.  Stretch that into running a business, well beyond running a law practice, and ice cubes are much easier to come by.

Ice bergs, however, have the depth to create lasting change. That word. Change. Managing change is putting ice cubes in the glass, cooling things off for a while, and settling for the quick solution, not the lasting solution.  Leading change is looking beneath the surface, expecting the iceberg will keep things cool for a long while, maybe forever, through proactive and future oriented solutions.

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Judy Hissong
Judy Hissong, CLM, is the President of Nesso Strategies. Nesso is the Italian word for connection, and her company is built on the passion of human potential and bottom line improvement. She writes, speaks, trains, and coaches on leadership, wellness, workplace engagement, and communication and conflict skills. Find her on twitter @judyhissong; email; phone 619.546.7885; and join her LinkedIn Group “Engaging Legal Leaders” for more conversation about leadership in law firms.