Elevate Your Professional Presence 2.0


For those who attended Elevate Your Professional Presence 1.0, this is the next phase of your leadership development – taking the learning deeper, so you can make an even more significant impact in your firm.



Learn how to:

  • - Measure and improve your resilience
  • - Understand how bias influences us as leaders and how to monitor and reduce its effects
  • - Examine and shift mindsets for you and your people
  • - Design effective, results-driven meetings to get more done
  • - Create high-performing teams
  • - Build a plan for change



Resilience:  With all the focus on change and the dominance of technology, we have forgotten the significance of resilience. We will measure your current resilience, and introduce elements to elevate yours, while measuring and improving those in your sphere of influence.

Inclusion: We begin with exploring our bias, understanding the impact that has in our role as leaders. We amplify that with strategies for addressing our bias, while educating those around us.

Mindset: We can change our viewpoint at any time. Or can we? The awareness of growth and fixed mindsets, and where we are fixed, gives leaders the opportunity to shift. We will measure mindset and explore how to shift it, first for yourself, then for others.

Meetings: What is an “effective” meeting? We will review the essential components of impactful meetings, productive agenda setting, and how to determine who to involve in a meeting.

Teams: What are the critical components of building and advancing high performing teams? We will discuss the skills you want team members to have and the path for leaders in developing them. Also included is your role as an executive team member and how to maximize your contribution.

Change 2.0: In EYPP, we explored change from a place of understanding and influence. Now, we will diagnose the gap in successful change initiatives and build a plan for restarting your initiative for success.



We’ll start Wednesday, March 4 at 10 am PST and classes will run through May 13th
Classes will meet virtually via Zoom for six, 1-hour session
Each group will be limited to 15 participants in order for you to get the most out of each class



Elevate Your Professional Presence:
(6) 1-hour bi-weekly sessions over 12 weeks.

Elevate Your Professional Presence + Individual Coaching Sessions:
(6) 1-hour bi-weekly sessions over 12 weeks.
Plus, expand your knowledge and create an implementation plan with (2) 45-minute individual sessions


The first 2 people to register will receive a copy of The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek



Here's what people are saying about our events:

"Judy has the ability to continue to stretch the thoughts of a seasoned administrator. She teaches relevant, forward thinking subjects in an engaging manner."

"Many of us, like me, have never had a mentor and this is a good way to obtain some of the benefits without the mentor."

"The exercise and particularly the individual homework assignments helped me to better understand my personal style and identify where I needed to make changes. The personal coaching sessions were eye opening and extremely effective."

"This course really made me think about what I am doing and how I am doing it. I gained some insight into things I need to do differently and how to approach them. Having a partner for homework really makes me responsible for keeping up my end of the bargain."



Judy Hissong, CLM

President, Nesso Strategies | Founder, Legal Leadership Institute

Judy understands leadership. And, she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, finance, and legal management to help law firms improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.