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Elevate Your Influence is the next phase of your leadership development – taking the learning deeper in single topics, so you can make an even more significant impact in your firm.


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Measure and improve your resilience

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Understand how bias influences us as leaders and how to monitor and reduce its effects

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Examine and shift mindsets for you and your people

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Design effective, results-driven meetings to get more done

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Create high-performing teams

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Build a plan for change


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About Judy Hissong

Judy Hissong, CLM

President, Nesso Strategies | Founder, Legal Leadership Institute

Judy understands teams. And she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, finance, and legal management to help law firms improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits.

Judy Hissong

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