Resolving: The Discipline of Happiness

This is the crazy part of the year when every piece of equipment in the gym is taken. If you are a regular gym rat, you know it will last about a month, then those who have resolved to be there in 2017 will fade away and return to their lives pre-New Year’s resolution. It’s a maddening [...]

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Brexit and Developing Leaders

I'm watching the political navigation of becoming the next U.S. President with fascination. Even more fascinated since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Not about the characters (i.e. people) that are in front of us, rather I'm focused on the interesting navigation of the issues deemed important by the day. We are in a [...]

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Disruptors and Contrarians

I recently competed in two 3 day volleyball tournaments in successive days. The contrast in the two teams was interesting, including the very real differences in leaders and leadership styles, and the communication and presence involved. One team was very collaborative, no one leader driving the offense or defense, no one person dominating court time [...]

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I Know More Than You Do…

"I know more than you do."  Have you been in an upper level meeting where there was an air (individually or the whole group) of superiority?  In other words, where a belief existed that this group knew better/more than the folks not in the room? I often hear leaders espouse these words as they make [...]

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Are Performance Evaluations Effective?

"It's that time of year, when the world falls in love...." - The Christmas Waltz It's also that time of year when performance evaluations are the focus of law firms and legal departments. Great effort is focused on the process of reporting and completing forms to cover the past year’s efforts – both the successes [...]

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Strategy and Character

"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy." - Norman Schwarzkopf Character. Not the ones in cartoon strips, or the ones you identify in your law firms. I'm talking about the various components of your personality and temperament that define you. Virtues like courage, loyalty, [...]

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