False Evidence Appearing Real

You may have heard or read about the opposite of love is fear (not hate). We are in especially challenging times in the world where we spend more time looking for separation than connection, and senseless death is no longer limited to “other places” in the world. The more you watch/listen/read the news, the more [...]

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Disruptors and Contrarians

I recently competed in two 3 day volleyball tournaments in successive days. The contrast in the two teams was interesting, including the very real differences in leaders and leadership styles, and the communication and presence involved. One team was very collaborative, no one leader driving the offense or defense, no one person dominating court time [...]

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Selling or Leading Change: An Election Year Context

If you hadn’t heard, there is a presidential election this year.  My home state of Iowa kicked off the primary (caucus) season on February 1st.   The crescendo of political ads and multitude of candidate visits since the process began is finally silenced for now, and my family and friends who live there are glad for [...]

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I Know More Than You Do…

"I know more than you do."  Have you been in an upper level meeting where there was an air (individually or the whole group) of superiority?  In other words, where a belief existed that this group knew better/more than the folks not in the room? I often hear leaders espouse these words as they make [...]

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