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Finding Your Mule

I looked up the definition of hybrid the other day, mostly because I’m tired of talking about “hybrid workplaces”, and was surprised to find this: “…the offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties, such as a mule (a hybrid of a donkey and a horse).” That pushed my brain into wondering how much energy is [...]

2022-01-07T12:25:56-08:00By |Blogs|

Departmentalize…or is it Compartmentalize?

I was with a client in conversation about the future of work when they dropped in the concern about the departments/groups they created during the pandemic leading to playing constant catch up. The intent was to create more connection in their large organization, and they did. They also created a silo which had led to [...]

2021-12-08T15:28:26-08:00By |Blogs|

Being Smart (Part 2 of 4)

Marshall Goldsmith’s article “Four Bad Habits of Super-Smart Leaders” Series I mentioned in the last newsletter I have been contemplating Marshall Goldsmith’s article “Four bad habits of super-smart leaders”. This month I'm paying attention to the places where I get locked on proving myself right. And it's not pretty. Whenever I find myself super stressed, [...]

2021-08-05T19:07:19-07:00By |Blogs|

The Quiet Mind

Recently, I have returned to playing volleyball, albeit on the beach and with different codes of conduct (no high fives or helping each other up) than is typically indicative of teams. It's been challenging to both focus on renewing the skills of the game on a surface I've mostly avoided for a couple decades [...]

2021-04-12T15:23:45-07:00By |Blogs|

Mr. Harris

A number of years ago I was travelling across eastern Washington and stumbled on Mr. Harris's farm. Mr Harris now has two choices for consumers to purchase produce from his farm. That wasn't always the case. I talked with him as he sat in his rocking chair offering me 'Pick and Buy' or 'U [...]

2021-01-08T12:08:18-08:00By |Blogs|
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