That Day…

I’m having a day. The day I wake up and don’t wanna. I feel resistance in my blood. Resistance to being authentically me in the day before me. Resistance to speak up with my ideas, concerns, and worries with my team. Resistance that manifests in my tight neck, sore feet (from grasping the floor so hard). [...]

2023-01-13T14:35:32-08:00By |Blogs|

Shared Space

Recently I was reading yet another article on the various ways and means to bring people back into shared space. Well, actually that's my phrase, these articles keep referring to it as return to office. I suggest that most folks have created an office at home, so they don't need to return to one, they already [...]

2022-04-11T17:47:57-07:00By |Blogs|

Finding Your Mule

I looked up the definition of hybrid the other day, mostly because I’m tired of talking about “hybrid workplaces”, and was surprised to find this: “…the offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties, such as a mule (a hybrid of a donkey and a horse).” That pushed my brain into wondering how much energy is [...]

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Departmentalize…or is it Compartmentalize?

I was with a client in conversation about the future of work when they dropped in the concern about the departments/groups they created during the pandemic leading to playing constant catch up. The intent was to create more connection in their large organization, and they did. They also created a silo which had led to [...]

2021-12-08T15:28:26-08:00By |Blogs|
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