Water Tight

I live in San Diego. How lucky am I? We claim some of the best weather you might find and beautiful beaches and an amazing zoo to boot. What we don’t have much of is water. We have lived in drought conditions for at least a decade (likely more than two) and savor our rainy [...]

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I'm writing this as I leave the company of a referral network of worldwide lawyers. I've spoken to these types of organizations before, and this one is much more international than the others. I'm in a foreign country for their annual meeting, and I'm struck by the privileges I have as an American. All of the [...]

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Play, Purpose, and Potential

High performing cultures. Buzz words? At the root of performance is engagement and we know employee engagement remains below 50%. Growing your culture is challenging, especially in a rapidly changing world. The legal industry is in the middle of unprecedented levels of change and ultimately change impacts culture. What is the potential of your firm? [...]

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