I recently discovered Marshall Goldsmith’s article “Four Bad Habits of Super-Smart Leaders”. It is a quick read and a slow study. It was interesting to learn that leaders spend 65% of their time either talking or listening about how smart, special, or wonderful someone is, or talking or listening about how stupid, bad, or inept other people are. Think about your day. How much of your communication time is trying to convey you belong in a conversation/meeting or convincing someone else of the same? Imagine the difference we could each make in the world if we started with the emotional intelligence that demonstrates we know our stuff and believe in ourselves. Being a leader is more than technical skills, we know that. And, the technical skills are usually the genesis of promotions and advancement. Think about how your highest titled leaders could be more self-aware of their need to be validated through these kinds of conversations (starting with YOU) and open the conversation with them for everyone’s benefit. Even a 10% increase in your time makes a big difference in the world.

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About Judy Hissong

Judy Hissong is the President of Nesso Strategies. A former law firm Chief Operating Officer, she helps firms become more profitable by developing leaders. Her mission is “world domination for Good.” By creating actionable, lightbulb moments that leaders want to share and spread, she intends to improve the world one person at a time.

Judy Hissong