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About Rhodes Perry, MPA

Rhodes Perry, MPA (he/him) is a best-selling author, sought after keynoter, podcast host, and an award-winning social entrepreneur. Nationally recognized as a diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader, he has 20 years of leadership experience having worked at the White House, the Department of Justice, and PFLAG National. Media outlets like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press have featured his powerful work. He serves as the CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting, a global leadership and management consulting firm helping executives build enduring cultures of belonging. He earned a BA from the University of Notre Dame, and a MPA from New York University. He also serves on the National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce’s Transgender Inclusion Task Force.

Imagine Belonging on a Global Scale

Can you imagine belonging at work…on a global scale? Perhaps when attempting to answer this question you find yourself being dismissive and cynical, silently saying to yourself, that’s impossible. You may feel justified in your response for good reasons. You might have personally experienced one, some, or all of these common pitfalls that stymie [...]

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Cultivating Workplace Cultures of Belonging

As leaders in the workplace, we know that the employees are most satisfied when they know they can be their authentic selves, where they feel a sense of belonging, where their differences are viewed as a source of strength, and where their individual contributions are recognized and valued. When more organizations understand how to cultivate [...]

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