About Judy Hissong

Judy Hissong, CLM, is the President of Nesso Strategies. Nesso is the Italian word for connection, and her company is built on the passion of human potential and bottom line improvement. She writes, speaks, trains, and coaches on leadership, wellness, workplace engagement, and communication and conflict skills. Find her on twitter @judyhissong; email judy@nessostrategies.com; phone 619.546.7885; and join her LinkedIn Group “Engaging Legal Leaders” for more conversation about leadership in law firms.

Water Tight

I live in San Diego. How lucky am I? We claim some of the best weather you might find and beautiful beaches and an amazing zoo to boot. What we don’t have much of is water. We have lived in drought conditions for at least a decade (likely more than two) and savor our rainy [...]

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Going Platinum

If you are anything like me, the Golden Rule was introduced as a way to navigate the world. For many people it is a guiding principle to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Many customer service pillars are built on this, as well as leadership styles. I think that’s all [...]

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Five Obstacles to Successful Leadership

The speed of business is fast. Really fast. And, it’s getting faster all the time. Collaboration has been reduced to meetings, which aren’t all that productive. Advancing initiatives means sending emails after hours, and accomplishing tasks means passing them on to someone else.  Sound like you? The real trouble begins when your leadership skills are [...]

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I'm writing this as I leave the company of a referral network of worldwide lawyers. I've spoken to these types of organizations before, and this one is much more international than the others. I'm in a foreign country for their annual meeting, and I'm struck by the privileges I have as an American. All of the [...]

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Leading Up

Our recent Leaders’ Lab conversation was focused on leading up. How do we influence our “bosses”? Let’s start by defining ‘leading up’ to be influencing a person with power or authority for the mutually beneficial result, for the greater good. That opens the definition up beyond boss – to include leading those around you that [...]

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