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The Ladder of Inference as a De-Escalation Tool

Over the past 40 years, there has been a growing body of research about resilience. The definitions above capture what most of us imagine resilience to be. But what are the traits that make someone resilient? And are there any particular traits that are especially important to introverts as leaders? We’ve all heard the phrase “jumping to conclusions,” but have [...]

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Cultivating Workplace Cultures of Belonging

As leaders in the workplace, we know that the employees are most satisfied when they know they can be their authentic selves, where they feel a sense of belonging, where their differences are viewed as a source of strength, and where their individual contributions are recognized and valued. When more organizations understand how to cultivate this kind of workplace culture, [...]

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Five Obstacles to Successful Leadership

The speed of business is fast. Really fast. And, it’s getting faster all the time. Collaboration has been reduced to meetings, which aren’t all that productive. Advancing initiatives means sending emails after hours, and accomplishing tasks means passing them on to someone else.  Sound like you? The real trouble begins when your leadership skills are the only ones required, and [...]

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Leading Up

Our recent Leaders’ Lab conversation was focused on leading up. How do we influence our “bosses”? Let’s start by defining ‘leading up’ to be influencing a person with power or authority for the mutually beneficial result, for the greater good. That opens the definition up beyond boss – to include leading those around you that have more authority or power [...]

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Being Real…

It was a red Mazda RX-7. I was driving at nearly 100 mph on the empty road in the middle of the night. I had finished a fifth of Jack Daniels, and had half a joint in the ashtray, along with a cigarette – to hide the smell. Seemed logical at the time, although who would smell the marijuana at [...]

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Stress 2.0

I’ve been talking about stress management for nearly two decades. As a certified personal trainer, and an accredited executive coach, my fascination is where our bodies influence our minds, and vice versa. Understanding the relationship between your thoughts and your form provides solutions and a path to managing stress. Do you recognize your stress triggers? Maybe even easier is to [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Client Interviews

Everybody likes to think they’re doing a good job. You probably are. But how do you know? Because you’re getting few, if any, complaints? Because you get sincere thanks and compliments from time to time? Okay, that’s nice. But how do you really know what’s going on in the minds of your clients … and what may be stuck in [...]

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